We await you to the "Connecting People - Connecting the World!" 16th World Congress of Human Resources of WFPMA in Turkey, a "center of attraction”, where continents, cultures, differences, and a history of thousands of years invigorate, and in Istanbul, the heart of Turkey. Here are the opportunities you cannot miss in the world's most comprehensive people management activity:

The most comprehensive meeting in World for People Management and Human Resources

The most comprehensive, most innovative, most visionary congress that creates agenda the most with its number of sessions, variety of speakers, and number of visitors…

An unparalleled network platform

The sole event, where more than 3.000 business professionals from more than 47 different countries are present simultaneously. A golden opportunity for establishing international relations and refreshing existing ones.

Abundant contents, People management trends and everything about the agenda

Abundant contents, where all novelties and developments about people management in the World and in Turkey are discussed, and which ensures that visitors update their knowledge and refresh their vision.

New business and cooperation opportunities at the expo area

In the wide expo area of 2.850 square meters, opportunity to reach outstanding service providers of the people management sector and an unparalleled environment for new businesses and cooperation.

Opportunity to come together with, and meet experts

The opportunity to watch and meet more than 130 experts from the world and Turkey in more than 50 sessions. Inspiring speakers, surprising discussions, panels that will widen your horizons…
The last free chair in the hall must be yours!

Subjects about people are also "entertaining"

Choose your shoes carefully! For two days, you will rush from one session to another. You will feel sorry for the session you missed, you will be renewed at the session you attend, each and every piece of knowledge will be refreshed, and you will hope that it never ends.

You are in Turkey, the "Center of Attraction", and in legendary Istanbul

Despite all the negative global and regional developments, Turkey succeeds in growing and promises big opportunities, a young, dynamic and qualified people potential, and a bright future. The Istanbul experience will open personal and corporate doors for you and it will be a unique experience.

When the congress is over, holiday will start!

After the congress, please, be a guest in Turkey for a couple more days. Attend one of the holiday programs, prepared with special opportunities for you based on the most special tourism spots, enjoy, explore, entertain and take a rest.