Atak Akademi

Company Name: ATAK Akademi
Company Address: İstanbul Yelken Kulübü Tesisleri Alara Sokak No 8/A Fenerbahçe Burnu 34726 Fenerbahçe/ Kadıköy/ İstanbul
Contact: Kemalettin YAKAR
Phone: 0216 338 4484 - 0542 312 34 00

ATAK Academy is a company providing services in education, coaching and consultancy areas. The discipline, leadership and decision making under harsh circumstances that come from it's founders' military bacground are the main features of the company. Thus, using the physical and psychological activities as a tool, enables to increase the attendants' self confidence and provides cooperation and ability to work as a team. In this way,  the main aim has been determined as providing the attendants with success both in their private and professional lives.