Company Name: BALTAŞ GRUBU
Company Address: Anadoluhisarı Göksu Evleri Mimoza Sok. B116 34815   Beykoz / İstanbul
Contact: Çetin Oruç
Phone: +90 216 465 0440

Baltaş Group, which has got the knowledge and experience which has been filtered through years in the field of human resources, carries out unique projects along with its services which increase performance and actualize institution strategy. It alters the institutions by improving and measuring with modern data based on a scientific foundation.

Baltaş Group manages the recruitment process with the approach grounding on personality characteristics. It supports the developing career planning of current employees. It presents original training programs which make a difference and leave a trace in business life and conceptualize the project in such a way that the institution needs. It enables the strategy to actualize by aligning institution’s objects at levels of section, unit and employee. In addition, it provides consultancy service in line with the companies’ institutionalization, growth, merging and reconstruction requirements.