Company Name: Kuzey Gelişim Akademisi
Company Address: Gülbahar Mah. Çiçekli Bahar Sk. Hacı Levent apt.No:13/2 Şişli/İstanbul
Website: www.kuzeygelisim.com
Contact: Çağatay Kayabaş
E-mail: info@kuzeygelisim.com
Phone: 02122662754

We have established in the end of 2012. In our first two years, we present our solutions under the name of Aslı Taş Education, Psychology and Consultancy and after that we have been restructured with the institutionalization process. Today we continue our business under the name of Kuzey Development Academy with a team of more than 10 trainers who are experts on their fields.

We bond the science of psychology and the corporate experience together to design effective, enjoyful and result-oriented content with our professional team that is consisted of psychologists, trainers and designers. Except from the personal development, skills development and management skill educations, we also present consultancy on human resources and development fields.