Where do you imagine yourself in the world of work which has been reshaped by globalization, technological advances and climate change? How will we manage to create decent jobs in this world of work which is so rapidly changing as never before? What sort of jobs will these changes and technological innovations create and how will they have an impact on employment? In this pannel discussion, we will seek answers to these questions and learn the perspective of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the UN agency for the world of work, as well as business and academy on these issues.

We will also look into what the "Future of Work Initiative” has offered, an initiative launched by the ILO to understand and respond effectively to these new changes and challenges. In this process, the ILO aims to realize its commitment to decent work for all and its mandate for global social justice. It likewise anticipates the involvement of governments, workers, employers and all relevant parties in this process in global sense and their contribution in shaping the future policies for the world of work.