AROUND THE WORLD IN 60 MINUTES - the Six new challenging D's of work

The six new challenging "Ds (or new dimensions) of the modern workplace

1.Digital world 
3.Disruptive technologies 
4.Disappearing jobs 
5.Diversity / gender 
6.Dynamics of Engagement 

and what do these Ds mean for different continents

  • Change in work organizations, compared to ten years ago
  • The new challenges for the HR profession
  • What are some of the differences across the other experiences
The Digital World 
The world of work is now strongly interconnected on a global digital basis. Domestic production competes with international traded goods in all countries. 

The impact of Demographics
Five generations are now working together from Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, to Gen X, Y, and Z. Female participation rates are increasing at the expense of male rates. Workforces are becoming more global and cross cultural. We are all living and working longer. 

Disruptive Technologies 
The McKinsey Global Institute sees half the worlds current jobs disappearing by 2030 due to 12 disruptive technologies like driverless cars; 3D printing; advanced materials; mobile technology; new energy sources and technology; internet integration; the cloud; and advanced robotics. 

Disappearing Jobs 
Half the jobs we know today wont be there in 2030. They will disappear and be replaced by a new technology, a piece of software, a robot, or a job we havent heard or thought about yet? 

Workforces are becoming dominated by diversity gender, LGBTI, broad ethnicity and international cultures and origins, ageing workers, workers with a disability, and many more characteristics of diversity. 

The Dynamics of Engagement 
The Gallup poll on worker engagement states "20/60/20 20% of workers are actively engaged with their work and jobs; 60% are neutral that is - neither much engaged nor disengaged; and 20% are actively disengaged. So the "80% missing in action (the last two sub groups) is an enormous source of potential future productivity and growth, if they could be turned into joining the first group. Easy to say but hard to do.