Company Name: LEAP Çalışan Destek Programı
Company Address: Matbuat Sok. No.7 Esentepe/Şişli
Website: www.leap.com.tr
Contact: Ebru Pilav
E-mail: ebru.pilav@leap.com.tr
Phone: +90 (212) 370 30 30

Leap was established based on our belief that productivity at work places can only be sustained by employee satisfaction. Leap is an extensive 7 days 24 hours specialist support program offered to employees to help overcoming their problems that they can not manage but affect their life quality and productivity. By offering customised solutions to companies for healthier and more productive working environment, in addition to acting as a solution partner to human resoruces units, by directly reaching out to employees, we can also act as the first contact point  when seeking for solutionsto their problems.