Leadership training has the lowest transfer rate of all soft skill training categories. There are those who would have you believe that leadership is a set of skills, a specific recipe that one can follow and apply to inspire others to achieve greatness. Yet this magic formula that is considered the holy grail of productivity, management, and motivation seems consistently elusive…

But, multiple sources and statistics underline that training and human capital development does considerably and positively affect an organizations bottom line (especially in the age of the millennial employee).

The myth begins with the idea that competencies are directly related to specific skills. And that "Skill” is a set of rules and actions… "Do this, get that”. Since much of the leadership theory comes from either experience or a statistical analysis of successful leaders, here in lies the problem!
Arthur Carmazzi, ranked as one of the Top 10 Global Gurus in the Leadership category and founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, has cracked the code to Developing Sustainable Leadership "Competence” in most people and will be sharing it with you at the HRSummit.

Takeaways from Arthur’s Talk
Identify gaps in leadership training effectiveness
Learn the secret sauce to "Sustainable” Leadership DEVELOPMENT
Learn how your organizational culture is affecting your people’s leadership competence
Learn 3 key factors that nurture individual Leadership Competence