My real and breakthrough story started in America, when I was working on my postdoctoral project which was about the high resolution microscope.

As a post-doctoral fellow there, I had the chance to work with Steve Chu, the US Secretary of Energy in the Barack Obama administration and Nobel Laureate. One day, while talking on the phone with a Silicon Valley professional about a small project which I carried on as a hobby, I got a ‘meeting’ invitation. This invitation wasn’t for a quick coffee chat at Starbucks. I accepted to do the 2-hour travel on a hot summer day after spending hours in the laboratory to invent high-resolution microscope to collect images of living bacteria. I didn’t know that this invitation was for a million-dollar trip. And then I was the founder and CEO of a start-up company in Silicon Valley which aims at socializing ‘enhanced reality’ experience by providing ‘virtual walls’ at popular locations. With this business idea, I succeeded in getting 1 million dollars as an investment capital in a period of less than two weeks from the corporate directors of companies such as Opentable, HP, Storm Ventures and the angel investment. Every problem has a solution if you analyse well.