Yapı Kredi Bankacılık Akademisi

Company Name: Yapı Kredi Bankacılık Akademisi
Company Address: Yapı Kredi Bankacılık Üssü, Akse Mahallesi Rahmi Dibek Caddesi No: 275 Şekerpınar - Çayırova 41435 Kocaeli
Website: www.yapikredi.com.tr - www.ykakademi.com.tr - kariyerim.yapikredi.com.tr
Contact: Demet Kurtoğlu Gençalp
E-mail: demet.gencalp@yapikredi.com.tr
Phone: 0212 339 6831

Yapı Kredi Banking Academy is a corporate university providing service in educational and development subjects for Yapı Kredi customers, Yapı Kredi and Koç Financial Service employees, university students, employees’ families and different groups in scope of social responsibility projects. With its mentality of continuous development, it contributes to corporate strategies and business results, aims to develop competencies of employees to the top level and at the same time it operates sensitively for our society. Since its establishment in 2008, it has been granted many national and international awards.