STFA Holding Chief Strategy & Human Resources Officer

Berna Öztınaz, born in Adapazarı in 1973, graduated from Business Administration Department of Istanbul University and completed her Executive MBA program in Sabancı University in 2007.

After having worked in hospitality sector for a while, in 1998 she joined HR team of Kordsa Inc. Apart from her job in Kordsa Turkey, she also participated in projects in other Kordsa subsidiaries in Egypt, Germany, Argentina and Iran. She actively worked during the acquisition of Dusa by Sabancı-Dupont partnership and later on at Kordsa-Dupont partnership.

In 2005, she started working for Enerjisa as HR and Business Support Manager. In 2007, she was appointed as HR and Business Support Director and she managed human resources, business excellence, corporate communications, procurement and legal departments.

Berna Öztınaz was appointed as the President of Strategic Business Support at Enerjisa Energy Inc. operating under the partnership of Sabancı Holding and the global leader energy company E.ON in 2012. In this role, she started managing the HR and business support functions of Enerjisa companies responsible for Generation, Trade, Distribution and Sales. In her executive position, she was in charge of mergers and acquisitions, human resources management during privatization, corporate culture management, industrial relations management, corporate communications and business excellence.

Öztınaz was recently designated as the Strategy and HR Chief Officer at STFA Holding in September.