Evyap President, Human Resources & Industrial Relations

Kural, being Mechanical Engineer from METU has gained experience  in the areas of sales, marketing, procurement, warehouse and logistics management. He moved to Human Resources in 1993 and since then he managed HR, HSE, IT, Administartion, Corporate Communication functions of the companies such as Shell, Boyner Holding, Siemens Business Services, Arkas Holding ve Evyap during this period.

You can see Kural’s signature in the establishment of first global call center in Turkey, implementation of first integrated HR system, and in the events such as happy hours, new year party, HR Congress, EU funded HR projects under the umbrella of Peryön.

In order to contribute to the development of HR profession and professionals, Kural was the member of the board of Peryön for 7 years between 1999 and 2006. He also served as a trainer of HR certification programs of BUYEM for 3 years and University of Istanbul IIE for 2 years.