Human Resources & Consultant

Management and Human Resources Consultant Mr. Kartal Tolga, have been served 22 years in the Navy which includes 15 years as the submariner. He retired by the Navy Captain rank when he was the Turkish Navy Manpower Survey Team President, he have been served for the manpower surveys of the Navy organisations as shipyards they had been defined the real manpower requirements and headcounts in accordance with their real work load, realized more downsizing especially at the shipyards. 21th years in the private sector, he worked TUBORG, ROBERT BOSCH MANISA, JOHN DEERE, LEGRAND and KALE Industry Holding, as the  Human Resources Director. He set up his own Consultant Company which is the TlgHR in 2011 and he started to serve for the set up the new corporate HR Systems and to manage the process of the  restructuring of his clients. Also, he provides personal and corporate Coaching and Mentoring services as the ACC status and he is the member of the ICF.