Faculty Member, Author of Economics

Beside the scientific research in the field of industrial economics and techno-economics he has numerous articles which are published in various newspaper and magazines. He writes and comments in written and visual media and also he is author of PY magazine.

By the book named "Techno-economic Policies” he examines the history of the industrialization policy in Turkey. As the necessarily parts of the technology based development strategies; Incubation centers, technocities and technoparks are also in his study field. As the same time he is the director of Istanbul Kultur University Pre-Incubation Center (fİKÜr).

Sinan Alçın is chair of the Production Economy Congress which is organizing to ensure the discussions about industrialization policy and university-industry co-operation. Industry 4.0 that is the theme of the congress is also on his main focus point. He is trying to explore a mesurement method for calculating the gap of firms about the Industry 4.0 process.