Motivational Speaker & Lecturer & Producer

Mehmet Auf was graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering. After his graduation, he continued his academic studies at California Polytechnic State University, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and had his Master’s degree on Artificial Intelligence.

Mehmet Auf returned to Turkey and continued his academic studies at Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration and had his MBA degree.

Mehmet started his career as a lecturer in Middle East Technical University Department of Business Administration and later in Bilkent University. While he was continuing this mission, he also worked as a consultant to the President of Housing Development Administration of Turkey.

Reflecting his multi-faceted personality, he worked in senior management positions for various private sector organizations. In 1994, he has decided to found his own company in the field of Training and Consultancy. Throughout his career, he has trained more than 100,000 participants on subjects like communication, leadership, management, team building, sales, customer relations, etc.

He was the co-writer of two books; ‘Manual for the Bad Manager’, and ‘What Does your face tell?’ and his latest book is ‘How to Convince Turkish People’ met with the reader in 2007.

During this time, he participated in various TV and Radio Shows, as host, scriptwriter, actor and consultant.

He has transformed this experience in the training and consultancy field and started to produce Corporate Training Videos, for the first time in Turkey.
As a motivational speaker, his latest innovation is bringing music and training together. ‘The Rhythm of Life’ is a whole new concept for adult training.