Co-Founder of Pozitum Consultancy,Training ,Coaching Company

Graduating from an Anatolian Maritime Vocational High School, Çağlayan Aktaş completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. Aktaş worked as a counselor and a nurse in the pediatric emergency service while continuing his medical education. After completing his medical education, Aktaş worked at the University of Vienna for four years. Specializing in Mentorship, Educational Psychology, Communication Psychology, Psychotherapy, sex therapy, psychodrama group coaching, Positive Psychotherapy, Aktaş received his graduate degree in Psychology and continues his master’s education in the Positive Psychotherapy program led by the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy.

Working as a gynecologist for nine years, Aktaş turned a new page in his career and started to work in the pharmaceutical industry when he began working at Novartis in 2004. In 2013, he began working as Organizational Development Manager and Academy Director at Digiturk Human Resources. Aktaş is the co-founder and director of Pozitum Educational Counseling and lectures in Leadership and Change at the MBA program of Bahçeşehir University MBA.

Studying the neuropsychology, change psychology and management of decision-making processes in leadership, communication, sales and marketing, Aktaş also works as a management coach for national and international executives, providing training in leadership, management skills and coaching, and also gives career seminars in universities.

Aktaş is also interested in Photography and has solo exhibitions in Vienna and Istanbul as well as photography and travel articles in various magazines. He is also a Board Member at PERYÖN (People Management Association of Turkey) and a Founding Board Member at TEGEP (Learning and Development Association).