Director, Author Doğan Holding

Ahter Kutadgu was born in 1963, in Istanbul. He studied in Kızıltoprak Zühtüpaşa Primary School and Lycée Saint Joseph. Afterwards he graduated from the Law Faculty of Istanbul University in 1987. During his business life, he’s worked as lawyer and communicator at executive level in various national and multınational companies. Ahter Kutadgu, who is currently Vice President & Head of Corporate Communication at Doğan Holding, assumed also board level responsibilities in business NGO’s operating in the fields of international investments and FMCG in the past. He also acted as founder and board member in various volunteering organizations mainly focused on youth & education. Along with his role in Doğan Group he acts as board member of Saint Joseph Lycee Education Foundation and as official founder for Özel Küçük Prens Schools on voluntary basis. Ahter Kutadgu is the father of three girls and the writer of the book named "Kızlarıma Notlar”.