Founder&Consultant, DUMAN Management Consultancy

Yiğit Duman has over twenty years of experience as a Professional Leader, Facilitator and Speaker.

In that time he has earned a reputation as a highly engaging, result driven and effective professional whose work gets results for his clients.

He started his career as a Human Resources Expert in an industry oriented group. This experience provided him with the foundation from which he helps his clients achieve superior results under high pressure of cost and time. Understanding the business as a whole and the critical balance between the internal and external environment for a company.

He then continued in a Telecommunication Company, which was an innovative investment on fiberoptic technologies. This experience served him especially in innovation management, change management and customer focus. He managed both HR and customer experience management (CEM) teams and showed how people matters when it comes to serve.

His last professional experience was in airport management business where he was responsible for all means of HR, IT and security companies of the group with over 25.000 employees. Because of the nature of the business he experienced the critical success factors of a 7/24 service business. Learning doing business in Middle East, KSA and the Gulf Region was another asset he gained in this period.

In the meantime Yiğit became the president of Turkish People Management Association which is one of two biggest HR Association of Europe and served for 7,5 years. He made opening speeches of National Congresses annually, presented a lot of keynotes in national and international HR conferences in Turkey and Europe, especially on talent management, extraordinary leadership and performance management.

He is currently a lecturer in Boğaziçi University, the #1 University of Turkey and Bahçehir University also. His courses are about HR Management and Managing People at Workplace respectively.

He believes that every person on a team should be a leader. Unfortunately, the reality is that most leaders in business today were promoted to leadership but not equipped for the task. Yiğit is  passionate about leadership development and putting practical leadership strategies in the hands of everyday leaders. 

He has a proven track record of helping people improve their communication, customer focus, sales and presentation skills. He is a dynamic, warm, funny trainer and a keynote speaker who highly energizes and motives his audience to discover the best of theirselves and show it to the world.

Yiğit’s excellent communication skills and supportive, respectful, and lighthearted approach has earned him the highest appreciation.

Now based in İstanbul, Turkey, he continues to work for his own company with national and international clients to help them to create and/or discover their leadership potential, create effective extraordinary teams. While he and his team continuously search and select the best fit talent for these companies, he is also regularly facilitating programs on leadership, change management and competency based HRM.