Storyteller, Writer, Art Therapist and Trainer

Judith Liberman was born in1978 in a Paris commune  where the days ended with a fairy-tale told by a camp fire. She attended her first workshop as a tale-teller and started telling fairy tales to other communities. She was trained by Giles Bizouernes in the Paris Conservatory and took oral expression classes at Vendome Clio. She also studied theatre at Pomona College and she happens to be one of the founders of two seperate threatre companies in Paris. Liberman has been telling stories and tales on stage, at the bookshops, in schhols and libraries, and in parks and art galleries. She has been participating in various different international festivals. Liberman has also been organizing fairy tale telling nights regularly in Istanbul with the intention of re-inventing the story telling tradition. She has classes for those who want to be a story teller. She was consulted during the script writing process of the cinema film "Once Upon A Time" and the presenter of the television programme "Masal Bu Ya" on NTV television channel. She is the author of the book "Masal Terapi" (Fairy Tale Therapy)