Professor, Marmara University

Prof. Dr. Erdem Özdemir joined to Department of Employment and Social Security Law at Marmara University Law Faculty after he graduated from Galatasaray High School and received his LL.B from İstanbul University. He conducted academic research in Paris and Lyon and received his Ph.D. in 1999. Prof. Dr. Özdemir was awarded the title of "associate professor” in 2006 and the title of "professor” in 2014.

Prof. Dr. Özdemir has published over a dozen articles and case studies besides the books titled "İş Hukukunda İbraname Uygulamaları” (Application of The Mutual Termination Agreement in Employment Law), "İkale ve İstifa” (The Mutual Termination Agreement and Resignation), "İş Sözleşmesinden Doğan Uyuşmazlıklarda İspat Yükü ve Araçları” (Burden of Proof in the Disputes occurring from Employment Agreement) and "İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Hukuku” (Law of Occupational Health and Safety), which will be re-edited.

Prof. Dr. Özdemir has provided training to many companies and institutions, and joined to national and international symposiums as panellist. He also guides legal practice with his legal advises. Prof. Dr. Özdemir is a board member of Peryön Human Management Association and has written articles as the columnist in the magazines of "Yenibiriş Dünyası” and PERYÖN PY (Popüler Yönetim), issued by