Biologists, Actor, Instructor, Politician

Ediz Hun was born in Istanbul in 1940. He finished St. George’s Austrian High School and Atatürk High School. He won the first place in a contest organized by Ses Mecmuası in 1963. Same year he was hired as the lead actor for the movie "Genç Kızlar” (Young Girls) which attracted great attention. Playing leading roles in 129 movies, Ediz Hun took his place among the unforgettable actors of Yeşilçam and Turkish Cinema. Followed and admired by the foreign press, Hıçkırık, Son Kuşlar, Samanyolu,Yaprak Dökümü, Ankara Ekspresi, Ayrılsak da Beraberiz, Sonbahar Rüzgarları, Güllü, Son Mektup, Paydos, Gökkuşağı ve Acımak are just a few of the movies and TV series in which he played the leading roles.

Taking a break from cinema he went abroad in mid ‘70s. Between the years of 1976-1981 he studied Ecology, Marine Biology and Ecological Sciences in Norway Oslo- Trondheim Universities. He gave Environment and Ecology lectures in Marmara University in 1983-2000. He was the environment minister consultant and the provincial environmental director in 1991-1993. Between 1999-2002, he was the Anap İstanbul deputy, the President of the Commission of Environment in Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) in the 21st legislative period, 2001- Vice President of Anap & Kadın ve Gençlikten Sorumlu Koordinasyon Başkanlığı (Coordination Presidency responsible of Women and Youth).

He gave Environment and Ecology lectures in Bahcesehir University between 2004-2011. He still gives Ecology lectures in the department of Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Commerce University. He has an academic membership in the Department of Ecological Sciences at Okan University, which was founded by Ediz Hun in 2005. Along with the studies in the fields of Politics, Ecological Sciences,Biology and Energy, he continued lecturing about his studies and about cinema. He gave Turkish Cinema History and Acting lectures in Pana Film Cinema Academy in 2010, and Film Acting and Turkish Film History lectures in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Maltepe University. He gave over 2300 lectures throughout his career abroad as well including Australia and Germany.

He published countless scientific articles and research papers in various media channels about Environment, Arts and Culture. He received over 940 plaques, certificates and awards from domestic and overseas establishments. Being a member of various environment and nature associations, Ediz Hun attracted the attention of the science community by the giant reptile (iguana) which he raised outside its natural environment for the first time in the world. He has a special collection of 3000 different kinds of live Cactus and Succulent.