CSR and Sustainability Coordinator Koç Holding

As the CSR and Sustainability Coordinator of Koç Holding, Ebru Bakkaloğlu Tüzecan plays an active role in developing relationships with stakeholders on awareness, collaboration and partnership levels, providing guiding materials on sustainability and creating and implementing community projects. Before joining Koç Holding, Tüzecan led reputation management and sustainability work at Coca-Cola Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia Business Unit for 15 years. Tüzecan launched the community projects of Coca-Coa Life Plus Foundation and started partnerships with UNDP, WWF, Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Agriculture on issues including protecting water resources, empowering women and dissemination of physical activity.

Currently, Tüzecan works as the Deputy Chairman at UN Global Compact Turkey Board and is a member of Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) Technical Committee, a joint platform of UN Women and UN GC.