Founder Makers Türkiye & Maker Çocuk &

Ongun is a serial entrepreneur. He founded Makers Turkiye, which has become the first and biggest maker movement community in Turkey. He then founded Maker Çocuk which is the first and biggest education initiative which provides maker workshops, namely, design, manufacturing, coding and entrepreneurship, for kids. He is also the founder of Istanbul MakerLab, the first makerspace in Turkey open for public use. He also founded Flyler, a disruptive, human-centric travel inspiration engine to change the travel industry. is also one of his early startups, which provides powerful experienced niche teams for corporations built on-demand and disappears after the project focused on innovation, design and corporate entrepreneurship. 

He has 13+ years of corporate experience. He started his career as a software developer then continued as a management consultant both in London and Istanbul. He was the Head of Internet of Things department in a telco before he left the corporate world. He has two TEDx Talks and given numerous amount of speeches&workshops for companies & universities. He is the guitarist and vocalist of a rock band.