Strategic Management Consultant, Board Member at MultinetUp, Partner at Mentoro Platform

Selen Kocabaş graduated from Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University and completed her post-graduate degree on HR Management and Organizational Behavior.

She started her career as a customer representative at Koç Group and continued as an HR Expert at Arçelik. She then worked at Marshall Paint and assumed important roles during the sales process of Marshall to international Akzo Nobel. She, later, joined Danonesa, a partnership of Group Danone and Sabancı Holding, and served both the Water and Milk companies as HR Director.

In 2003, she was appointed as Vice President in Turkcell. She assumed different roles as an EVP for 12 years managing HR, Construction and Real Estate, General Administrative Affairs, IT, Legal, Procurement, Strategic Planning and Corporate Business. She was also in charge of P&L when she managed Marketing, Product, Sales and Services. She acted as one of the top actors during the transformation of Turkcell Group from a GSM company to a Communications and Technology company. During this period, Turkcell based its strategy on offering mobile and fixed solutions, investing in innovation and turning social benefit into value. Kocabaş governed more than three thousand people at Turkcell. In parallel to this, she also managed more than 200 firms with 10 thousand employees in the ecosystem of Turkcell Business Partnership, developing mobile and fixed services and solutions together.

She also assumed seats in the Board of Directors of İnteltek company’s -known for its brand İddaa- international operations such as Astelit and Best. She, recently, served as a Board Member at Global Bilgi Call Center, Turkcell Payment Systems and Turkcell Technology.

She was designated as the first Chair Woman of Peryon Human Management Association, Turkey’s oldest NGO, where she is currently responsible for Public Relations. She has also become the first corporate founding member of the Ethics and Reputation Society and a TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association) member. She is also a Board Member of the Futurists Association of Turkey and Us Again Association and a member of Corporate Management Association. Furthermore, she serves as the Advisory Board member of Endeavor.

She ranked ninth in the 50 Strongest Business Women list of Fortune Magazine in 2014. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of MultinetUP Group and offers Management Consultancy Services to companies’ Board of Directors and top management teams.