Trainer, Consultant, Professional Coach, Author

Çabuk serves in her company in HR, leadership, coaching and mobbing. Graduated from KTU Business Administration and Newport Human Behaviour departments, Çabuk is the author of 3 books "Sıfıra Sıfır Elde Var Mobing”, "Koçluk ve 4. Boyut” and "Yumuşak Güç”.

She established and managed Information and Support Centre for Mobbing and realised the first field study in Turkey. As the founder of Coaching Platform (KPD) and Chairperson of the Board for two periods, she facilitated the process of exception of coaching as a profession in Turkey. She moderated a civil society project for TBMM Joint Working Groups. Çabuk realised certification programs in HR and coaching with universities.

Founder of 4B Academy and EFQM assessor, Çabuk, is a member of KalDer Ethics Committee, KPD, PERYON and IODA.