Managing Partner & General Manager Human Group

Apart from having founded HumanGroup in 2006, Gaye Özcan has been acting as the leader of IRC Global Executive Search Partners for the Europe, MiddleEast and Africa region since 2014. 

IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a recognized market leader in the search for top leadership talent.  As one of the top 5 Executive Search Networks, it has more than 300 accomplished executive search professionals working on six continents, and in 75+ cities in 40+ countries. Its services for the Turkish Market are available within the framework of HumanGroup since 2012. Gaye Özcan is responsible for managing and coordinating the know-how transfer and the collaboration efforts on behalf of the IRC for the EMEA region that holds the title for being the largest and most profitable region. 

Gaye Özcan has started her career of 20+ years in 1995, in the fields of Training and Human Resources. She has acted as a Human Resources Professional at Interbank before transferring to Denizbank in 1997, as the Group Manager responsible for Human Resources and Training. Moving on to MNG Bank in 2003, Özcan has widened her field and apart from her role in Human Resources and Training, took on additional responsibility in the fields of Corporate Communications and Administration Management as a Director. 

Özcan has gained her BA degree in the field of Sociology, and her MA degree in Management from Marmara University. Based on the belief that work life dynamics would draw more from the art of "human management,” she has gained numerous certifications in the areas of psychology, social psychology, art therapy, relationship therapy and psychodynamic theory. With the mission of providing value to the Turkish Business world and the HR professionals who play a role, through non-profit works, she has focused on the topic of "people management” and how the Turkish Managers and Talents can be represented abroad.