Managing Partner BahçeBiz Development Academy

Tulin Kahvecioğlu is one of the cofounders of Bahçebiz Development Academy- Gelişim Akademisi ®. Tülin has study Planning and Managing Education in Ankara University Education Sciences Faculty. She has been coaching, training and teaching since 2005. Tülin has successfully completed Erickson College Science and Art of Coaching and CRR (ORSC) – Relationship Systems Coaching modes trainings. She has over 5000 hours of Master Coach level experience. She is a mentor coach and assessor since 2009. She keeps her knowledge on leadership and coaching new and fresh through international relationships she has. She has been licenser of Inside Out® International Coaching Company in Turkey between 2007 and 2015. She is experienced on the emotional intelligence and gender based leadership. Leadership for Woman and Leadership of the Heart for Men Programs who she is the designer, the trainer and the organizing of, are ground breaking programs in Turkey. She has received Neuro Leadership training in USA based Neuro Leadership Institute and added brain and neurology aspects to leadership trainings. She has received Cinergy Conflict Management Coaching training in Canada based Noble Solutions Inc. working on conflicts in corporates and with individuals. Tülin supports diversity. She provides coaching and facilitation around Diversity since 2011. She is the cofounder and the trainer of the Sports Intelligence Spor Zekası® program for sports man and women development and higher performance. Spor Zekası® is a product and brand of BahçeBiz Gelişim Akademisi®.

In her work Tülin acts on science, knowledge and intuition. She is also interested in esoteric work on understanding the human and the creation and development by Far east and Indian philosophies. She works with senior executives and leaders on international level, in two languages by uniting the body, the soul, the heart and the mind.